Derrick O. Boateng


Derrick Ofosu Boateng is a fine art photographer and practitioner of an African Art movement that creates through the lens of Hue-ism. Inspired by the richness of African culture, Derrick’s contemporary photography aims to influence the world’s perception of Africa and its art, often viewed through a limited lens in film and media. Through Derrick’s art, he is inspired to represent the beauty in the meaning of color and visual poetry of everyday African culture, lifestyles, and behaviors thereby “changing the story that is told of Africa.”

Though taken in Ghana, Derrick believes that the intimate images he captures are a representation of life anywhere on the continent. "Photography has always made me happy, since I was a child, and now it means something important to me because it is the way I have to defend the idea that there is more to Africa than the negativity portrayal." In the global art industry, Africa is still underrepresented, and Derrick strives to connect with an international audience through the reach of his social media platforms, art fairs and respected global galleries.

Derrick is creator of the H-Club. To be a part of the H-club community collectors need to purchase an original hue-ism art piece.