Lans King


Lans King is an interdisciplinary artist. His ongoing project, “The Hyperreality Show”, blurs the lines between real & virtual, analog & digital, humanity & technology. This interconnected ecosystem of artworks includes paintings, videos, installations, sculptures, digital, and his signature painting-NFT hybrids. He had been making crypto art since 2017 and NFTs since 2019.

In 2019, Lans surgically implanted an NFC microchip capsule in his hand and registered his artist-self on the blockchain. It became the basis for his seminal work “(Network of) Self”, 2019 - Current. The microchip is linked to a series of NFTs that will track his physical, emotional, and cerebral data for the remainder of his life. It is a self-portrait of the artist as represented by his personal information.

Lans’ artwork was recently curated for auction at Christie’s in New York. It was also the subject of the BBC documentary “The Cultural Frontline”. Lans has also been covered in FlashArt, ArtNet, FAD Magazine, and Widewalls. His work has been acquired by important collectors and patrons.

Born in Saint Vincent (British Antilles), Lans King was raised and educated in New York, US. His studies in Cognitive Science focused on artificial intelligence and human-machine interaction. Previous to his art career, he was a digital strategist in the communication sectors specialising in luxury, finance, and media brands. He developed his art practice in parallel. Lans currently lives and works between London, Paris, and New York.